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Our Headquarters are located in upstate New York.
With manufacturing and distribution in Illinois and Florida.

Company History:

We started back in 1981 with an estate inherited vending route of 70 locations of 3 Single head bulk vending machines each. These vending machine's locations were mostly local bars and taverns, vending peanuts, pistacio nuts and cashews. This route generated a monthly gross of over $15,000.00.

Because those machines made so much money, our owner wanted to expand the business. One day while having lunch at one of the locations he noticed a 1 gallon pickle jar filled with water. The jar had a shot glass at the bottom and a hand written sign that read "Land a quarter in the shot glass - win a Free drink".

There was over $200 in quarters in that jar!

Hence, the "Land a Quarter Game" was designed and manufactured. In 1993 our owner expanded his vending business by adding over 200 of his new "Land a Quarter Games". Gross income increased by over $10,000.00 a month. The games were twice as profitable because they were sposored by a charity - Child Quest International, no more commission to the locations. What a GREAT vending business! After about 2 years of charity sponsored success our owner was approached by his sponsor, Child Quest International suggesting that the "Land a Quarter Game" be offered nationwide to help find missing children.

Factory and shipping

Fill them with water and they fill up with money!

Fill them with water &they fill up with MONEY!

Our owner agreed and in 1995 started this company. We have since sold over a quarter of a MILLION vending machines and vending units with posters of missing children and a host of other vending charity sponsors. As a result, 4 missing children have been located from the vending routes and hundreds of thousands of dollars have been received by the charities that sponsor vending

We have tried many types of vending and have narrowed down the most profitable vending machines and vending equipment for the least amout of investment and hassle. Our vending sales offices are located in Central New York as is our vending machine factory that produces our "Land a Quarter Game", Candy Towers, and Spiral bulk candy machines.

We would be proud to assist you with your vending business goals. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer all your vending questions.

Thank you for your interest in our company.


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National Childrens Cancer Society - Proud Sponsors of our Vendors
American Association For Lost Children - Proud Sponsors of our Vendors
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
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