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Here is a list of Charities that will sponsor your vending machines.

These charitys' fees vary from only $1 - $2, per vending machine, per month. No hassles or long term commitments.

Other fees may apply.

Click on their images to find out about their great work and sign up with their vending sponsorship programs:

National Childrens
Cancer Society

$1 or $2 per month per machine.


Does not sponsor Land a Quarter Games
American Association For Lost Children Website

American Association
For Lost Children

$1 or $2 per month per machine.


Other fees may apply.
Other fees may apply.

How does charity sponsored vending work?

Major charities place thier posters on your vending machines or units. You send $1 - $2 per month per vending machine / unit directly to the charity.

Charity sponsored vending routes and vending machines is a win-win agreement between the Charity and you the vending route owner.

The Charity receives huge exposure from thousands and thousands of people standing in front of all the vendor's vending machines and see the charities' poster on the vending machine. For example: 4 missing children have been located from the machines and vending units that our company has sold since 1994. Also, hundreds of sightings have been reported from our vending machine routes that have posters of missing children on them.

Charity Sponsors also receive incredible revenue from the all the vending machine route owners. Approximately 11,000 vending machines and units sold annually by our company alone are charity sponsored. 11,000 x $1.50 = $16,500.00 monthly or $198,000.00 annually!

The vending machine route owner enjoys almost twice as much income than non sponsored vending in that he/she does not have to share any of the vending machine revenue with the location. The vending location owner allows the vending machine to be in his establisment without any fee. The vending route owner is also now part of a wonderful charitable organization, giving something back.

Our Customer Service Department will assist you with your sponsorship and make it easy and fulfilling.

Letter from American Association For Lost Children (04.14.09)

Dear Vending Machines Routes For Sale,

Thank you so much for your referrals. We really appreciate your support in AAFLC’s Missing Child Rescue work. We are very grateful to have you as part of our team!

American Association For Lost Children, Inc. (AAFLC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) International Charitable Organization, founded in 1987, that physically searches for and rescues Missing Children, at no cost to Searching Parents, throughout the US and abroad. In our 21 years of public charitable work, AAFLC has rescued over 165 Missing Children; children who have endured physical, mental, and emotional abuse; yet, some have endured sexual abuse.

As a non-profit charity, AAFLC depends upon the kind generosity of individuals and businesses who participate in our Vending Outreach Program; thus, enabling us to continue our charitable work to search for, find and rescue more Missing Children.

We greatly appreciate and support our Vendor Donors, as their faithful monthly Vending Pledge Contributions are the essential element in AAFLC continuing our Missing Child Rescue work.

We offer AAFLC T-Shirts, Certificates of Appreciations for your clients and all the encouragement and friendly support you need to make your Vending endeavors a success!.

Once again, thank you so much for your support in our Missing Child Rescue work.

Please visit our website, WWW.AAFLC.ORG, to read our Latest Breaking News and call us for more information at 1-800-375-5683.

Kindest Regards,
American Association For Lost Children, Inc.
539 Fred Rogers Drive
Latrobe, PA 15650

Trust & Integrity Since 1994
Support is ALWAYS FREE

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National Childrens Cancer Society - Proud Sponsors of our Vendors
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
American Association For Lost Children - Proud Sponsors of our Vendors
Factory Authorized Distributor - Seaga Vending Machines

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