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Land a Quarter Vending Games
Fill them with water and they fill with money !

Just 8 quarters a day into each game will equal

$28,800.00 a year !
(40 units)


Prices Include Great, Local, Guaranteed Locations that YOU Approve *

* 10 Games with
10 Locations
* 20 Games with
20 Locations
* 30 Games with
30 Locations
* 40 Games with
40 Locations
* 50 Games with
50 Locations

How Land a Quarter Games Work
Fill them with water, people try to land quarters on the pedistal to win.
Winning average is only about 1 per 260 coins dropped.

Vacation Certificate Give-aways
Winners sign sheet behind the counter.
When collecting your money, gather winner sheets from the locations and simply mail a certificate to any winners on the sheet. That's it.
Certificate winners call 800 number on certificate.
The Vacation Certificate company will take care of the rest.
Certificates cost you just $1 each .

Drink, Pizza Slice, Soda, etc. Give-aways
Simply reimburse location for any drinks, soda, etc, give-aways.
Customize your route matching give aways with each location. Pizza Shop - Win a Slice, Fast Food Restaurant - Win a Soda and so on.

Example: The challenge of winning a Free Drink at a bar has proven to be one thee most successful location types !

Send only $1 per month, per machine to your selected charity. THE REST IS YOURS
CLICK HERE to see Charity Sponsors of vending machines.

You'll enjoy great profits because there's no commission to locations & no candy to buy. Just fill them with water

BEST POSITION * Cash register counters in local high traffic business like convenience stores, fast food restaurants, pizza shops, bowling alleys, gas marts, bars and taverns, etc.
NO PRODUCT TO BUY! Just fill the games with water and they fill up with money!
DOUBLE THE ACCOUNTS for your investment as other units here.
Average Set Up time - 14 -28 days.
Exclusive Territory.
Attractive, high quality, high impact acrylic games -
Proudly Made in USA.

All supplies needed, locks, stickers, personalized business cards, 1st supply of vacation certificates.

Dimensions: 18" h x 4" cylinder dia, base 8" x 8"

HOW IT WORKS - We make it as EASY as 1 - 2 - 3

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Your Locating will secure your great, local and guaranteed locations for you.*

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