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Bulk Candy Machines, Land a Quarter Games, Candy Towers

Location, Location, Location.

Q. Are vending locating fees included?
A: Yes. * Locating fees are included in the Total Cost prices shown. You withhold your locating fees from the package prices to be paid later.

Location types: *
Locations are high traffic businesses like convenience stores, gas marts, restaurants, bars and taverns, pizza shops, bowling alleys, etc. Machines are located usually within a 1- 20 mile radius from your home and/or requested zip code.

Q: Do I have to pay anything to my locations?
A: No. Locations secured for you gladly accept charity sponsored vending in their businesses at no charge to vendors.

Q: Can I see my locations before I purchase?*
A: It would be impossible to secure thousands of locations nationwide and hope that someone would buy vending machines to place in any given city. With the best location guarantee in the vending business that includes free replacement if you reject a location, there is no need to have locations first.

Q. Where do I get my candy?
A: We will provide you with the 3 most competitive online wholesale bulk candy suppliers upon purchase. You can also use Cosco, Sam's Club and BJ's Wholesale Club, they usually have the best local price and selection.

Q: How long does it take?
A: Normal completion only takes 14 -28 days from funds clearing our account (depending on amount of machines purchased).

Vending Machine Warranties:
We will replace any Land a Quarter Game or Candy Tower, without cost to the BUYER, which is determined to be defective within 30 days of delivery. We offer a limited lifetime coin/candy mechanisms warranty for Triple, Spiral and Single Head Bulk Vending Machines. Triple, Spiral and Single Head Bulk Vending Machines carry a limited 1 year manufacturers' warranty for coin mechanisms and a limited 1 year manufacturer's warranty, which covers all other defects.

Charity Sponsored Vending Machine Answers:

Businesses gladly accept Charity sponsored vending without commission

Q. How does a vending business with a charity sponsor work?
Major charities ask you to place thier posters on your vending machines or units.
You send $1 - $2 per month per vending machine / unit to the charity - you do not split your money with your vending locations.

Q. Is Charity sponsored vending legal?
Many major charities sponsor vending machine routes at $1 - $2 per month per vending machine. Vending route owners are not expected to bear the expenses of route operation - they are not non-profit. No charity operates without a payroll and expenses and neither can vending routes. These are administrative costs that sometimes are as much as 80% of the charity's budget. Charities realize the positive, they are receiving millions annually from independent vending machine route owners.

Q. Do the stores get any of my vending money?
No, except the $1- $2 per month per unit you send to the charity, you keep all the money, unlike all other vending where the vendor splits at least 50 - 50 with the location. This makes your vending route twice as profitable!

Q. What is the commitment with the charity?
Have their sponsorship, send them their small fee. Return their posters and they'll cancel the sponsorship.

More Questions:

Q. Does it work?
The vending business has always been a profitable industry! Go into any TacoBell restaurant and you'll see Land a Quarter Games full of money! Take a look in convenience stores in your neighborhood and look at all the money in the Candy donation units on their counters. Bulk candy gumball machines have been all around you and made money forever.

Q. How does the vacation give away work? (Land a Quarter Games)
A route of forty locations will average only 10 to 20 certificate winners a month, route-wide. The winner who lands a quarter will sign a sheet that you leave behind the counter. The vendor gathers the sheets with the winners names and addresses and mails a vacation certificate that costs you $1.00. The vacation certificate company takes care of the rest. That's it! Certificates can be re-ordered from our site.

Snack and Soda Combos Machines

Q: Where will my Snack and Soda / Healthy Combo machines be located? *
A: Machines are normally located in the lobbies and break rooms of large corporations, office buildings, hotels, motels, fun centers, telemarketing firms, large insurance companies, large realtors, mortgage brokers, large beauty salons, nail salons, industrial parks such as factories, machine shops, warehouses, automotive such as full service car washes, full service lube centers, new tire stores, large auto repair shops, etc.

Q: Do I have to pay any money to my locations?
A:  Most locations normally are happy to have these vending machines on the property for the convenience of all in the building and do NOT request any money from you. Some locations may request a small commission for electricity, others may ask for more. If you desire a location you feel should be paid and you determine it to be adventageous, you may elect to accept that location.

Q: Are my locations guaranteed? *
A: Yes. Upon Location being secured you will inspect the location for your approval. You may reject the location and a new location will be secured free of charge.

Q: Where do I buy my Healthy Snacks and drinks and/ or regular snacks and sodas for my combo machines?
A: We do NOT  force vendors to buy any healthy snacks, drinks, candy from us. You may buy your products ANYWHERE you can get the best price. Most vendors pick up their products at Sam's, BJ's and Costco or online.

Machine Warranty:
Made in AMERICA! Seaga Snack and Soda Combos are covered by Seaga Manufacturing's 1 year full parts replacement warranty.



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