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Triplehead Vending Machine Specs

The Triplehead Vending Machine is the easiest bulk vending machine you will ever operate.

With the interchangeable pod system it is very quick & easy to refill or exchange candy by simply removing the candy pod & drop in a new one. Cut your service time in half by puchasing extra pods & refill them back at your home or office. Once you get to the location just swap out the pods, empty the money & away you go. Makes servicing a snap. The bulk candy pod hold 8-10 lbs of bulk candy & the gumball wheel pod holds about 350 gumballs, bouncy balls or 1" round capsules. If you ever need to repair or replace the coin mechanism simply remove the pod & lift the coin mechanism out. No tools required.

All Metal, drop-through coin mechanisms. 25 cent vend - (Optional 50 cent mechanism available). Heavy duty Metal lid and locks. Each pod holds approximately 350 1" gumballs or 8-10 lbs of candy. Holds up to $425.00 in quarters (note: coin tray may overflow). Adjustable candy wheels control quantity of pieces to vend. Three interchangeable polycarbonate, shatter-proof pods. Scratch resistant ABS body. Removable cash drawer. Metal coin door, base, & frame. Comes with 2 keys which open both top and back locks.

Machine Specifications:

15" wide base.
17.5" tall. 4.75" wide globes.
Stand Features and Specifications: Heavy duty pole and Cast Iron base for stability.
Top quality powder coat finish.
Height: 42" with machine & stand. Pipe: 1" diameter. Base: 15".
Weight: 40lbs.

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