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Set Up & Locating Guarantee*

After you complete your online order with us, we will ship to you your vending machines and everything needed - machines, stickers, keys, locks, etc.

On shipment day, you will receive tracking numbers.

You will fill and prepare your machines for location drop off.

Locating will contact you and gather your info such as location type(s) desired, zip codes you want placement in, etc.

Locating will then commence and complete the securing of your vending machine location(s), usually within a 1 - 5 mile radius from your home.

As your locations are secured, you will be provided with all of the approved location information including location address and phone number as well as the managers or owners name that approved your machine placement.

You will then visit & inspect each location for your approval.
You may reject the location (one time) and a new location will be secured free of charge.
AND you'll have 30 days to make sure the locations are profitable. If not you'll get another location free.

Upon approving your location(s)
All you need to do is set up your machine(s)


Just a few of location types you can expect .

Apartment Buildings – (100+ Units)
Auto Repairs Centers
Bars & Taverns
Beauty Salons – (5+ Chairs)
Car Dealers
Cell Phone Stores
Chinese Restaurants
Department Stores
Electrical Supply
Employment Offices
Hair Salons
Junk Yards
Tattoo Parlors
Truck Stops
Trucking Companies
(Drivers lounge)
Lumber Companies
Pawn Shops
Pizza Parlors
Plumping Supply
Print/Copy Shops
Tanning Salons

 * Locating procedures, location types, timeliness and guarantees stated above will vary depending on placement company .

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