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Any person who wishes to purchase vending machines or other vending items for sale on this website must do so in accordance and full agreement with all the terms located on this page. Upon submission of any form on this website and/or deposit and/or payment for any vending products on this website, via telephone and/or electronically, the BUYER understands, is bound to and agrees to all the terms contained in the Website Terms of Use, Legal Notice and Product Warranty and Purchase Terms and Privacy Policy contained on this page.

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We reserve the right at any time to change, add to or delete any aspect or feature of the website and the terms and conditions of this Agreement. We will provide notice of any such changes by posting notice to the Website or as otherwise required by law. Any use of the website by you after such notice shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by you of such changes.

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Legal Notice

I. Owners of,
our affiliates, their respective officers, employees, agents and contractors - SELLER, offers for sale vending equipment, vending machines, counter-top vending units and vending supplies only and is not offering for sale a business, business opportunity, promise of income, income opportunity, franchise, franchise opportunity, vending business opportunity or opportunity of any kind. Any such wording or related wording described in this paragraph contained within search engine listings, html coding, meta tags, keywords, title, description, etc. of this website or on the pages of this site is for the sole purpose of search engine recognition, search engine placement and/or for internet advertising demographics to persons searching for vending equipment or desiring to purchase vending equipment for their own personal use.

I. SELLER makes no promises or guarantees implied or otherwise of income, income performance of, including but not limited to, any individual vending unit, vending machine, vending location or BUYER'S vending purchase in part or as a whole. Users of this site understand and agree that all wording on this website related to such subjects as but not limited to, timeliness of delivery of any products or wording in reference to any monetary issues other than the stated price of the equipment, are estimates, approximations and mathematical equations only and are in no way implied or promised to the BUYER. SELLER will not be liable or held liable for any such wording, monetary, timeliness, mathematical equations or distance by any user of this website or buyers of any product from this website as a promise to said user or BUYER that is not contained in the Product Warranty and Purchase Terms. Equipment color, size, manufacturer and delivery estimates are subject to availability.

SELLER is not liable for any contractual or verbal agreements entered into by the BUYER with merchants, charities or any other persons, companies, organizations, public or private. Before making any purchase from this website, the BUYER agrees that he/she is solely responsible for the understanding and compliance of all local, state and federal government agencies rules and regulations associated with said purchase of any products offered here and agrees that the SELLER is not required to inform the BUYER of any such government rules and/or regulations.

IV. Purchaser agrees to not hold o
wners of, our affiliates, their respective officers, employees, agents and contractors responsible for any disputes with vending machine manufacturers, suppliers, shipping companies, credit card processing companies, locations where purchaser's machines are located and locating companies the purchaser chooses for the placement of his/her vending machines and furthermore agrees to settle any/all disputes personally with any of the above listed in this paragraph.

At the time of this writing this website assumes to be in full compliance with all local, state and federal regulations throughout the United States, in regards to the items for sale contained on this website. It is nearly impossible to stay abreast of every written law, regulation and/or new law and /or regulation written in this great country. If any public or government servant finds our company to not be in compliance with a law or regulation within his or her jurisdiction, please notify us immediately so that we can meet those requirements.

SELLER relinquishes any and all liability associated with the vending equipment purchased by the BUYER from the SELLER upon purchase and/or receipt of said vending equipment by the BUYER.

Purchase Terms, Product Warranty and Return Policy

All terms contained herein are a contract, legal and binding for all purchases made by the BUYER from the SELLER. Agreement to the terms contained herein, the Website Terms of Use and Legal Notice is contingent upon any of the following actions by the BUYER; telephone and /or electronic order that includes purchase price, purchase deposit, submission of any agreement to purchase the equipment electronically, email, US Postal Service or delivery service, in which BUYERS signature is not required. The BUYER and Owners of Vending Machine Business 929, our affiliates, their respective officers, employees, agents and contractors - SELLER agree to all of the following:

It is the sole responsibilty of the BUYER to read and understand all Terms and conditions on this page before making any purchase. BUYER agrees to not hold SELLER responsible in any way for BUYER's failure to read and understand all of the terms and conditions contained herein. BUYER agrees the SELLER is in no way responsible for the success or failure of the BUYER's ultimate use of the vending machines purchased here. BUYER agrees the SELLERS only responsibility to the BUYER is to deliver the vending machines / units ordered by the BUYER in accordance with the terms and conditions listed herein.

BUYER is purchasing from the SELLER vending equipment only. BUYER has given permission to the SELLER to process / deposit the BUYER'S payment, deposit and or balance of all monies due contained in the Bill of Sale/Invoice via SELLER'S Credit Card Merchant Account, Pay Pal account and or checking account without BUYER'S written signature. BUYER consents to SELLER recording of the phone conversation/authorization of all "Check by Phone" payments offered to SELLER. BUYER agrees that he/she will provide the correct billing address for delivery that appears on the BUYER'S credit/debit card statement for all orders where a credit/debit card is used for payment. Credit/debit cards may not be used for products being delivered to addresses other than the credit/debit card "billing address".

. BUYER agrees that services by the SELLER begin immediately upon payment and/or deposit and further understands that he/she, after authorizing payment, including but not limited to Check by Phone, Electronic E-Check, ACH Draft, ACH Debits, Credit Debit Cards, that any false statement(s) to their financial institution ( ex: I did not authorize said payment) in an attempt to retract payment once products and/or services have begun, accepted and or delivered is perjury and /or fraud as determined in your State and/or the State of New York. SELLER will file criminal charges with the proper Law Enforcement Agency for any and all false statements by the BUYER for the purpose of retracting his/her payment under penalty of perjury and /or fraud as determined in the State of New York,

3. Requests to hold BUYER'S order for shipping to an alternate address other than BUYER's billing address. BUYER must request order be shipped to the alternate shipping address within 180 days of purchase. If BUYER fails to request shipping to an alternate address within 180 days the order will be null and void and the purchase price will be non refundable.


1. All warranties for Seaga Snack and Soda vending machines are covered by the manufacturer. Seaga machines are custom manufactured for the BUYER so there are no returns, cancellations and/or refunds regardless of machines being delivered to the BUYER or not. Machines must be inspected for damage before signing the Bill of Lading. Signing the Bill of Lading voids any damage claims.

2a. In instances where the BUYER has requested the SELLER to "hold" his/her machines until BUYER has secured retail location(s) for delivery to those location(s) because the SELLER has paid for the custom manufacturing of said machines, and the manufacturer's restocking fees the SELLER incurs, there are no cancellations and/or refunds except as outlined in paragraph 8b below..

2b. Single Serve Coffee Machines carry a limited 1 year manufacturer's warranty for coin mechanisms and a limited 1 year manufacturer's warranty, which covers all other defects. BUYER must report any defects to the SELLER within 1 year of delivery to receive replacement parts. Parts will be replaced at no charge. Single Serve Coffee machines are custom manufactured for the BUYER and the manufacturer will not accept returns, so there are no returns and/or refunds.

2c. BUYER will be required to submit to the SELLER, pictures of any damage or defect before SELLER will approve any return providing BUYER has not signed the Bill of Lading prior to reporting the damage. Purchase price is not refundable due to defects of any kind for any machine or units listed in Paragraphs 2, 2b.
If approved by the SELLER machine(s) will be exchange for non-repairable damage that may have occurred during shipping only and must be reported within 3 business days after accepting delivery. Replacement approval may be contingent upon freight carrier's damage claim approval.

2d. BUYER agrees that returning any machines and/or products without prior approval from the SELLER does not constitute a refund.
If any machines or units are returned by the BUYER without prior approval from the SELLER, BUYER will be charged storage fees of $10 per day, per machine.

1. SELLER will attempt to ship all products to the BUYER within 30 days of payment clearing SELLER's account. BUYER will be notified of any delays exceding 30 days. SELLER is not responsible for any shipping delays caused by the shipping company of the BUYERS order.

2. BUYER agrees that if the vending machines, equipment or units received are not as described on this website, the BUYER must report such discrepancy to the SELLER in writing, no later than 3 business days from the date the BUYER accepted delivery from assigned freight carrier. Failure to do so, BUYER agrees the equipment is as described and correct and BUYER forfeits any such equipment and/or order discrepancy and/or not as described claim with the SELLER and/or BUYERS financial institution used by the BUYER to make payment.

3. Any discrepancy contained within Bill of Sale, Invoice etc. must also be reported in writing within 3 business days to the SELLER. If the BUYER fails to report any equipment discrepancies (not as described) and/or discrepancies with in quotes, Bill of Sale or Invoices in writing within 3 business days of document receipt, BUYER agrees that the equipment is as described and/or the order is correct and he/she forfeits any such equipment and/or order discrepancy claim financial or otherwise with the SELLER, Pay Pal, Credit/Debit card issuer, financial institution or otherwise.

4. BUYER agrees that a carriers" proof of delivery" to the BUYER'S shipping address provided to the SELLER, with or without BUYER'S signature is sufficient proof of delivery of the items purchased from the SELLER. BUYER agrees to not hold the SELLER liable for any items purchased that were delivered to the shipping address provided by the BUYER to the SELLER whether or not the delivery receipt contains the BUYER'S signature. BUYER agrees that when he/she requests machines to be shipped to a specific address (not billing address) the BUYER is responsible to accept and sign delivery receipt at the address he /she provides. SELLER is in no way responsible for any changes in shipping addresses or further delivery to any other addresses beyond the shipping address the BUYER provided to the SELLER for any reason. BUYER is responsible to inspect all orders for damage before signing the Bill of Lading and/or delivery receipt failure to do so will void any damage claim.

5. BUYER agrees that once his/her vending machines have been shipped from the factory, said vending machines, cannot be warranted, become used and unavailable for resale to any other persons and the fact that the manufactuer(s) do not accept retrurns, the purchase price for said vending machines, units, products is non-refundable. SELLER will refuse the return of any vending machines, units, products that are returned and will not be responsible or held responsible in any way for any vending machines / units attempted to be returned to the SELLER. SELLER will only accept returns for damaged vending machines, units, products that are unrepairable using replacement parts and that have been approved by the manufacturer and the SELLER. BUYER will be required to submit to the SELLER, pictures of any damage or defect before SELLER will approve any return. BUYER agrees to not simply return machines without prior approval of the return by the SELLER
and all unauthorized returns do not constitute a refund from the SELLER

6. All orders must be inspected for damage and entirety of order before signing the Bill of Lading. Signing the Bill of Lading voids any damage claims and/or claims the order is not complete.

RETURNS: Because delivered machines cannot be warranted after being shipped, resold as new, the probability that damage will occur in shipping returns will only be allowed when the equipment cannot be repaired under warranty. Seaga vending machines cannot not be returned. All returns must be approved by the SELLER. BUYER must return all items associated with said purchase undamaged and unassembled. SELLER will not accept the return for items that are assembled, damaged and/or not in the original condition as shipped to the BUYER from the SELLER. Returns will not be allowed for Seaga Vending machines that the BUYER has accepted delivery. Upon receipt of approved returned items in accordance with all conditions of this paragraph, SELLER will ship a replacement minus all fees described above.

8. CANCELLATIONS: Due to the high costs incurred by the SELLER immediately and there after of any purchase from the BUYER, there will be a 33.3% service fee of total amount paid assessed for any approved cancellation regardless of BUYER'S machines or products purchased having been shipped or not. Cancellations will not be allowed if BUYER has already accepted delivery of his order. BUYER agrees that upon requesting and receiving a refund for a cancellation from the SELLER minus all applicable fees described above the BUYER releases the SELLER from all obligations related the BUYER'S purchase.

8a. The 33.3 % fee described above is to cover costs incurred immediately upon BUYER's purchase by the SELLER which include, but not limited to: custom manufacturing of BUYER'S order, payments to manufactrurers for BUYER's order, manufacturer cancellation and/or cancellation fees charged to the SELLER. Returns will not be allowed in cases when the BUYER has simply "changed his/her mind" (buyer's remorse) for any reason about his/her purchase

8b. All requests for special circumstance refunds and cancellations must be submitted in writing to:
You must include all reasons for the request.

BUYER agrees that all litigation and/or legal action against the SELLER will be filed by the BUYER in the Civil Court of the same County as SELLERS business address only. BUYER agrees that upon the initiation of any collection or civil action by the SELLER, the SELLER will hold the BUYER financially liable for the full purchase price contained in the Vending Order Receipt/Invoice/Bill of Sale and also all fees and costs directly associated with said collection and/or civil action, including but not limited to Attorney's fees, collection agency fees, court costs and travel expenses.

9a. BUYER agrees that the SELLER will seek recovery of any monies due by the BUYER to the SELLER in the Civil Court of the same County as SELLERS current business address.

10. SELLER will present for criminal prosecution to the appropriate local Law Enforcement Agency any and all fraudulent, deceptive and worthless payment forms offered to the SELLER via telephone, electronically or otherwise, including but not limited to checks returned as uncollectible for any reason such as but not limited to insufficient funds, account closed etc. this includes "Echeck" and "Check by Phone". A $25.00 fee will be charged for all checks returned for any reason plus all other fees associated with any returned check. In addition to fees listed here, a 33.3% restocking fee or service fee of the total package price. Also all shipping costs, plus any credit/debit card fees incurred by the SELLER from said transaction will be assessed, this may include order cancellation request by the BUYER that must be agreed to by the SELLER, orders in which an uncollectible and/or a retracted payment was offered to the SELLER by the BUYER.

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